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Buy Star 53 Grade cement @sniphome

Star 53 Grade cement

410.00 430.00 SAVE :  20
Brand : star cement
Grade : 53
Minimum Purchase : 50 bags
Shipping terms : Minimum road width 20 feet is necessary for the delivery of the product at your place.
Shipping Fees : 100% Free Shipping.
Delivery Time : We will deliver cement within 2 Days.
Pincode Availability
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Shipping: Free

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Brand star cement
Grade 53
Material Portland cement
Weight 50
Standard code ufi7675757

General Tips

Do's Don'ts
Place the cement bags closely togather in the stack to reduce circulation of air as much as possible NO contact with water and moisture or else lumps will be formed and strength will be lossed
Arrange the bags in the header-and-stretcher fashion, i.e., alternative lengthwise and crosswise to achieve interlocking between them and reducing the danger of toppling over. To avoid lump formation donot stack more than 10 bags.
Do not stack the bags in the contact with an external wall


OPC 53 is a higher strength cement to meet the needs of the consumer for higher strength concrete. As per BIS requirements the minimum 28 days compressive strength of 53 Grade OPC should not be less than 53 MPa. For certain specialized works, such as pre-stressed concrete and certain items of precast concrete requiring consistently high strength concrete, the use of 53 grades OPC is found very useful. 53 grade OPC produces higher-grade concrete at very economical cement content. 53 Grade OPC can be used for the following applications.

  • RCC works(preferably where grade of concrete is M-25 and above)
  • Precast concrete items such as paving blocks, tiles building blocks etc.
  • Prestressed concrete components
  • Runways, concrete Roads, Bridges etc.

purpose cement in the country today. The production of 43 grade OPC is nearly 50% of the total production of cement in the country. The 43 grade OPC can be used for following applications.

  • General Civil Engineering construction work.
  • RCC works
  • Precast items such as blocks, tiles, pipes etc.
  • Asbestos products such as sheets and pipes

  • Cement Unloading will be done at ground floor only.
  • Unloading will be done upto 20 Feet from the vehicle.


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